Mortified, Section 16, Area 21, Incident # 1067

I’m so embarrassed. Every day, makes me go through a list of 8 people to see if I’m interested in a date. Today there was a really handsome guy (even though he had a beard), and I gave him the thumbs up, etc. before reading his profile.

After reading that he works in the healthcare field and a few other clues, I looked at more of his pictures and discovered that he is my primary care physician. The only thing worse could be if he were my psychiatrist or if I had recently been to see him for multiple STD issues or something.

Ugh. He has seen me naked. I’m mort-i-fied!

Seriously? Gals write about cocks pounding hard ass?


Fallout, by Ariel Tachna


When a Category 4 hurricane hits the Texas Gulf Coast and critically damages a nuclear reactor, the NRC brings in robotics engineer Derek Marshall and professor Sambit Patel to avert a disaster. Unfortunately, putting the men in the same room could be nearly as dangerous as the reactor: Derek’s out and proud, gruff, and occasionally obnoxious; Sambit is closeted, quiet, and reserved. Faced with isolation, ungodly living conditions, and the very real possibility of acute radiation sickness, they race against time to stabilize the reactor. But the attraction growing between them may be beyond their control.

I read some very surprising things today. First, I read that the majority of gay male “romance” fiction is written by women. What surprised me more is that the majority of it is written FOR women. And then the clincher…a large number of straight women like watching gay male porn.

I understand a lot of about our world…about unusual subcultures and whatnot…but this blew me away. So, all my straight gal friends out there…do any of you enjoy a good bodice-ripper without the bodice??? If so, PLEASE explain it to me!!!!

Too little — too late, Clintons



Too Little, Too Late.  As much as I appreciate the support, it’s hard for a lot of us in the GLBT community not to have the feeling, “too f’ng little, too f’ng late.”
The love of MY life came when I was 28 years old in 1999. I remember the day very clearly when he said, “if I could marry you, I would do it in a heartbeat”. I’ll likely have to just make do with that memory because society “wasn’t ready” for me to be happy back then. Excuse me if I hold a grudge, but I do.