I LOVE Howie!

Howie Day

Howie Day

Again, as usual, I miss out on the good stuff for years because I refuse to listen to commercial radio or watch anything that has “videos”.  I only hear about music that is new to me when it comes up on my perverse Pandora mix station.  99.9% of the music is stuff that is already in my collection (they do an awesome job of translating my thumbs up / thumbs down evidently).

My boys in Crowded House

My boys in Crowded House

When I was in high school, I had a mega crush on the guys from Crowded House, and their song Don’t Dream It’s Over was that song, for me, that you dance around your room holding a hairbrush…simultaneously wanting to be the artist on stage and wanting to be the girl to whom he’s singing.  Maybe that’s just a gay overlap thing.  Is it?

Anyway, Pandora played Howie Day‘s remake of that song for me today, and I perked up like one of the meerkats on Meerkat Manor — as Howie acted like a queer Pied Piper forcing me to get up and walk over to the IP music player to see who was now serenading me with this most favored song.

Thanks to the wonder of Amazon MP3s, I have his whole catalog now.  And I highly recommend it for a night when you’ve got nothing planned, no one to make fun of you, and a hairbrush-microphone waiting on your vanity.


Who's singing our song???

Who’s singing our song???

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