About Baxter


Finally retired from his career as a male supermodel and Adjunct Professor of Computer Science at a dis-accredited community college, 42 y/o Baxter Binkley makes his primary home in San Francisco, CA, along with his two purebred Chihuahuas, Jackson & Quincy. The threesome is rounded out by Miss Monique, their African-American nanny who strives to keep them out of trouble.  

A native of middle Tennessee, Baxter has lived and worked in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 15 years now.  Though a software guru by trade, he likes to fill his “off time” consuming pop culture media of questionable taste and dubious intellectual value.

Though childhood friends and professional contacts know him as “Aaron,” his non-academic writings are being published under the moniker “Baxter” — a nod to his VERY opinionated grandfather from whom he received both the middle name and the fearless habit of speaking his mind without filter.

Why should you consume *his* media of questionable taste and dubious intellectual value?  Well, it’s been rumored that Baxter has both a dry wit and surprising skill for writing (given the assumptions most often made about technology geeks).  Expect commentary on issues ranging from abortion to zombie movies plus everything in between.

From the Binkley family, WELCOME!

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